Desktop widgets are small single-purpose utilities placed on your desktop and RNOWidgets is a single application incorporating several of them.


  • Analog Clock, Digital Clock, Calendar (ISO standard), Notes, Pictures (local and net), RSS Feeds, Sticker, and Weather widgets
  • Stylish user configurable widgets (graphics, fonts, colors, etc., can be freely swapped)
  • Pre-defined themes
  • All widgets are freely re-sizeable and moveable
  • Supports alpha channel transparency and has an option to create window drop shadows automatically (with or without compositing/accelerated layers)
  • Versatile alarm system
  • HTTPS support through AmiSSL v4
  • ARexx support

More detailed information can be found here.

Download for MorphOS from Aminet or MorphOS Storage, or via Grunch.
Other download methods are preferred, but a local copy is provided here in case of problems.
RNOWidgets is donationware, click the Donate button here if you keep using the program.

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