RNOSlides is a GUI based slideshow creator program, that can save slideshows as videos. The program can view saved slideshows, and play videos in various formats.


  • Can save created slideshows as videos in the MJPEG/AVI format
  • Delays between images, video resolution, and the output framerate can be freely defined
  • Texts can be added over images, for titling or information purposes
  • Texts can be formatted in various ways: bold, italics, underlined, shadow, outline, RGB/ARGB colors, etc.
  • Slideshow projects can be saved in the program's own format
  • Slideshows can be viewed within the program prior to saving them as videos
  • Can play its own saved videos, and a variety of other video formats
  • ARexx, Command Line, and tooltypes support

Video: YouTube

More detailed information and download links at Aminet.

Also available at The AROS Archives, MorphOS Storage and OS4 Depot, or install via Grunch on MorphOS.

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