RNOPublisher is an easy-to-use PDF publishing program.


  • Supports the most common page sizes in portrait and landscape modes
  • Freely placeable text boxes, images, PDF links, and graphical objects
  • PDF links can point to document pages or web links
  • Supports base fonts that don't affect the file size
  • Custom TTF fonts can be embedded into documents
  • PDF outlines (table of contents) support
  • User creatable page templates
  • PDF exporting supports passwords and compression options
  • Constrained mouse movement and resizing using qualifier keys
  • Additional document saving and loading in its own format
  • Drag & drop loading of documents, pictures, and text files

Download an example PDF created with RNOPublisher from here.

More detailed information and download links at Aminet.

Also available at The AROS Archives, MorphOS Storage and OS4 Depot, or install via Grunch on MorphOS (recommended).

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